8. Two brains are better than one. (seek, your partner’s influence)

Would you say your partner is stupid? If not, then why not go to them when you are struggling. I had someone share with me that not going to your partner is only using half of the brain power within the relationship. I love this. It’s so true. There is a reason that we call our significant other our significant other, our better half, our partner. It’s because we usually align with someone that balances us out.

My husband and I are complete opposites:

  • Timing and planning trips – I’m punctual and like to know what’s available, when it’s available, how much it costs, what days to do it, and when. He is spontaneous and wants flexibility so we can do what we want, when we want.
  • When it comes to projects or opportunities – he will do research until he has all of the answers. I will just dive in and handle the obstacles as they arise.
  • He is very financially minded, I like to think of how things affect others and what will make us happy.

Showing these differences doesn’t mean my husband is awesome and I suck, or vice versa. Instead, we have two very different mindsets that when put together, allow for wonderful brainstorming sessions and greater levels of success. I need his input and he needs mine. If I were to avoid his advice or influence, I would be lacking a unique opinion that helps give me more perspective. As would he, if he were to avoid seeking my opinion.

Not only is it helpful to seek out your partner’s opinions on things, but it allows them to feel important. It helps you feel like your partner values you, your mind, your thoughts.

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