I chose the field of Marriage and Family Therapy to work with couples.  My passion is working with couples.  As a couple’s therapist, my role is not to be a judge or to pick sides.  In a non-judgmental space we can explore your situation and create a space to understand what each partner needs individually and collectively.  My favorite line in therapy is hearing couples tell me they are in the best spot they’ve ever been within their marriage.  Whether they’ve been together for a year, 5 years, 15 years or 30, I’m always humbled and impressed to hear these words.

What to expect:  If you are coming in for couples counseling.  I usually prefer to do the first session as a couple to assess and get an idea of what each of you want out of the relationship.  After the initial session, I will set up an individual session with each of you the following week to get your perspective of what’s going on.  Following those individual sessions, I will again meet with you as a couple and share with you the plan moving forward.  More times than not, it’s continued couples counseling, but from time to time, there are exceptions.